German Dmitriev  Classical and Electronica Violinist. He is THE fusion sensation. 


German Dmitriev has come a long way since growing up in Krasnoyarsk Siberia, now based in Asia. He thrills his audiences performing internationally at Music Festivals, Private and Corporate events.

German Dmitriev first picked up the violin at the age of five and was soon touted as a child prodigy with an immense technical talent. Dmitriev quickly grew to love the feeling of being on stage, and at the age of 14, he decided to dedicate his life to playing the violin professionally.

German already played with the Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist artist when he was nine years. By the age of 17 German was touring professionally in Europe and Asia. 

German Dmitriev is a truly talented and charismatic musician who blends classical training with contemporary music. He became a successful crossover violinist, uniquely adept in his ability to alternate between performing classical selections on an acoustical violin and playing modern music on a high-tech electric violin.

His music and performance style appeals to a wide audience, from old-school symphony lovers to pop and rock dub set music fans. Performance ranges from classical/jazz/classics to more upbeat contemporary pop/rock songs, all covered and uniquely interpreted on the violin. German’s unique, and wholly individual style, pays as much homage to Nirvana as to Edvard Grieg.
Not to be satisfied with just doing innovative and imaginative covers of music from such a wide variety of genres, German also displays his own deft writing skills with notable originals.

German was an extreme sports junkie doing over 1000 Rope Jumps and doing parachute jumps. He now rides a Chopper motorbike to get his adrenalin rush.

The violin is an extension of his soul and lifts his audience to incredible soaring heights and passionate emotions.  This is one performer you do not want to miss.

Pronunciation – German is said with a hard ‘G’ – as in Great or Grand.